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This program is for most AutoCAD users obsolete since newer versions of AutoCAD enable a user to flatten all the blocks in a file recursively with a single command. It is left up for historical reasons. However if you have a DXF file and you don't have AutoCAD you may need to flatten the file and this might still be a solution. Or, if you need block attributes converted to text and exploding of non-isotropic blocks then you may find this useful.


DXF Block Flattening Utility

BFLAT is a DXF filter that explodes all blocks found in the input file and writes a new DXF file with only flat data. Layer information is preserved. Any scaling, mirroring or rotation of the block insertion is taken into account by BFLAT. BFLAT can even explode blocks where the X scale factor is not equal to the Y scale factor - something AutoCAD itself cannot do.


  • Flattens all Blocks in a DXF File

  • Breaks off Block Attributes to Text

  • Explodes Blocks with X scale not equal to Y scale
  • BFLAT has been used extensively by designers who have CAD systems that do not support AutoCAD block definitions correctly.


    screen shot of Bflat dialog

    Download Executable


    Version 1.02 03/21/97 488 Kbyte zipped; password required

    This version has been recompiled to run on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. The recompilation was necessary to support the new hardware key libraries provided by Sentinel. It also supports hostid locking the the network card's MAC address if desired.