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ASM 1950 (all2dxf) reads Cadence Allegro's plot file format and translates it into an AutoCAD DXF file format. The DXF file is a defacto standard in the mechanical drafting world. AutoCAD and almost every other mechanical CAD program can read DXF. Allegro's plot file format (IPF) is a proprietary format that is created by Allegro and is used by Allegro for a variety of plotting output converters.

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Scaling and Rotation

We also support scaling and rotation as these transformations are quite useful - the basic Allegro plot file unit is the mil (1/1000 inch) and most drafting departments work in inches or millimeters.

Text Support

Support of text alone is well worth investing in this translator. If you primary purpose is to create assembly drawing documentation passing the text strings from Allegro to AutoCAD keeps file size to a minimum. Anyone who has tried moving board data to AutoCAD via HPGL knows the agony of getting all the text into AutoCAD as thousands of tiny strokes.

DXF Compatibility

The DXF file produced by all2dxf is compatible with AutoCAD Releases 9-13 as well as 2000-2009 and other programs that read DXF such as Microstation, Generic CADD, CADkey, VersaCAD, Claris CAD and various low cost AutoCAD "view/plot" utilities running on PCs and workstations.

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