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NETEX-AWR ODB++ Data Importer for MW Office

The ODB++ database was developed by Valor as a way of transmitting a complete set of board manufacturing data and instructions from the designer to the PCB manufacturer. Unlike Gerber data, which is only "artwork" the ODB++ database includes artwork, nets, layer stackup, drill, BOM and even manufacturing checklists.

ODB++ to AWR flow

Artwork has developed a data translator that can be used to transfer a board layout using ODB++ into AWR's Microwave Office program. This will give MW Office users the ability to pass data from a wide range of PCB tools into MW Office without the need for separate importers.

How it Works

Artwork has built a sophisticated processor called NETEX-O (NETEX-AWR is an AWR specific version of NETEX-O) that brings in the ODB++ data, rebuilds the nets based on the ODB++ netlist and conductor overlap, extracts the components and pins, build padstacks from the via and flash information and combines all of that data into a file format known as 3DI. On the MW Office side, AWR has created a 3DI import wizard that brings in this data and builds the appropriate database elements.

ODB++ to 3Di flow

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