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Memory Maps for Fast Loading

Memory maps are often used in the Failure Analysis Lab to speed up loading of large chip layout files.

Version Compatibility

As of July 7, 2016 QisLib 2.94 reads (and creates) dbload version 1.6. We are not able to support any earlier versions of dbload (i.e. 1.5, 1.4 …) Therefore any new product based on QisLib such as QisNet.lib will not be backward compatible with older dbload files produced by QIS based products.

dbload version timeline

Conversion to GDSII

Starting with version 1.6 when QisLib or QisMLib is modified so that dbload goes to v1.7 Artwork will provide a conversion from dbload 1.6 to GDSII. This will enable end users who have dbload data in archival storage to first convert to GDSII and then to the current version of dbload.

dbload converter to GDSII

OASIS Limitation

Currently (as of 9/27/2016) QisLib and QisMLib cannot produce dbload files from OASIS input. The work around is to convert the OASIS to GDSII and then to produce the dbload file.