Downloading and Installing QISMLib

QISMLib is a library that you can use to build a GDSII/OASIS viewer or geometry processor.

We are releasing it intially (August 22, 2016) wrapped as part of a sample application called Clip Extract. The initial release is for GDSII input only. We will continue to update the release as we add support for OASIS input and for display functions.

FTP Access

To access Artwork's ftp server requires a login and password. Please email Artwork for the information when you are ready to download. Please note that many corporate firewalls either completely block ftp downloads or they inspect the download and block any that are executables (applies mostly to Windows.)

Files to Download

Linux 64

qismclipextract.linux.v209.tar   2/21/2018 v2.09 7.5 MB
core components built on RHEL5
some older components built on RHEL5
tested on RHEL5,6, and 7

Windows 64

qismclipextract.win64.v209.exe   2/20/2018 v2.08 18MB

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