Product End of Life

Effective July 1, 2005 Artwork has stopped development on all ME-10 related translators and viewers. New orders will only be accepted for the current versions and no support contracts will be accepted for new orders and no support contracts will be renewed.


ASM 700 is a suite of tools for translating between HP's MI database and Gerber photoplot code. The program is useful to designers who wish to use ME-10 or ME-20 to create phototools for packages, sensors, optical encoders, hybirds, or microwave circuits.

With ASM 700 one can convert the ME-10/30 drawing immediately into Gerber and verify the results using GBRVU to view and plot the Gerber data.

The reverse translator, GBR2MI, helps designers using ME-10/30 to document printed circuit boards. One can extract pads, silkscreens and board outlines from the Gerber photoplot code and import them directly into MI. Because every PCB CAD program can output Gerber you are not tied into any particular program's proprietary database or architecture.



  • Complete set of tools for full two way translation and verification.
  • Easy to use; menu driven.
  • Converts lines and arcs into filled areas and fills them.
  • Circle to Flash converter.
  • Converts Gerber draws to outlines in MI
  • Includes viewing/plotting utility for Gerber and MI.
  • New Drill2GBR implemented into GBRVU
  • Ideal for sensor design, packages, MCMs, panel silkscreen and microwave circuits.
  • Connect MI to PCB databases via Gerber.

  ASM 700 Menu

The ASM 700 Main Menu

ASM 700 is fully menu driven. No mystifying configuration files to edit. It takes the user step by step through the translation process. Start with the top button and work towards the bottom. Each button opens the required dialog.

gbr2mi configuration

The GBR2MI Reverse Translator

ASM 700 also includes a reverse translator from Gerber back to MI format. It is menu driven and supports both RS274D and RS274X Gerber formats.


ASM 700 includes the GBRVU program:

  • displays & plots    Gerber data
  • load up to 32 layers    simultaneously
  • set layer colors
  • measure critical data
  • create Excellon drill    from Gerber
  • aperture report listing
  • plot to PCL4, HPGL,    HPGL2, Postscript,    RTL
  • mi2gbr_77.gif

    Supported Platforms

  • UNIX
    SunOs 4.1x
             Solaris 2.3 or later
                           HP 700 HPUX 9.01 and later

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