ASM 750


Product End of Life

Effective July 1, 2005 Artwork has stopped development on all ME-10 related translators and viewers. New orders will only be accepted for the current versions and no support contracts will be accepted for new orders and no support contracts will be renewed.


ASM 750 is a complete suite of tools for translating between HP's MI database and calma GDSII stream. The program is useful to designers who exchange data between HP's mechanical design software and integrated circuit desingers using product from Cadence, Mentor and ISS. It is also useful for desingers of micro structures who need to use precision mask making equipment such as pattern generators and E-Beam machines.

With ASM 750 one can convert the ME-10/30 drawing immediately into GDSII and verify the results using GDSVU to view and plot the GDSII data.

Package desingers will benefit the ability of GDS2MI to extract only desired layers from the GDSII file. This will enable them to extract a pad layer from a new IC desing and load it directly into ME-10/30 without extracting the rest of the GDSII database.



  • Complete set of tools for full two way translation and verification.
  • Easy to use; menu driven.
  • Scale inch and mm data to microns in GDSII.
  • Supports full layering and hierarchy in both directions.
  • User can select layers and structures from GDSII to MI.
  • Converts GDSII paths to outlines in MI.
  • Includes viewing/ploting utility for GDSII and MI.
  • Ideal for sensor design, packages, MCMs, silicon machines and graticles.

Translation Table

Lines, Arcs Boundary or Path ASM 750 can either link lines and arcs to form closed
boundaries or it can not doso and output each line arc as
a path in GDSII. The path wil have zero width unless the
the user has spesitied a minimum path width. Arcs must be
fractured into segment as GDSII has no arc entity.
Polygons Boundary or Path A polygon drawn in MI-10 is stored as a collectionof lines
Same as above.
Splines Boundary or Path The spline must be approximated using linear segments.
Text Text Text is mapped to text in GDSII.
Construction geometry Ignored
Parts Structures Each part is mapped into a GDSII structure and the structure
is then inserted into the GDSII file with the appropriate
scaling and rotation information.
Levels Layers GDSII is limited to layers 0-63.
Points Ignored There is no similar entity in GDSII to the MI point.
Dimensions Lines & text There is no dimension "entity" in GDSII. The translator
breaks the dimesion down into lines.

Boundary Lines The outer edge of the boundary is translated into lines
in MI.
Path Outlined Each path is converted into the outline it would normally
cover. All three types of paths are supported.
Strucure Part
Layer Level
Text Text Translator allows scaling to account for GDSII font heights.

Special Controls

Layer mapping MI layers can be the desired GDSII layer. This is useful where
the desinger has reseved certain GDSII layers for a particular
Scaling MI data can be scaled during translation. A typical MI file in
inches might be scaled to microns during the translation.
Outlining GDSII paths are converted to MI as outlines. This is because MI
does not support display

Platforms Supported

  • UNIX
    SunOs 4.1x
    Solaris 2.3 or later
    HP 700 HPUX 9.01 and later

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