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Sample AIF File

April 3, 2001

Often the easiest way to pick up a new format is to review some examples. You'll find some very simple ones initially and then more complex ones as you go farther down the page.

All of these files can be downloaded by clicking on the link. They are plain text files.

Example 1 testdie_24pads.txt

This is a simple 24 pad die. The pad opening is 120 um square. If you scroll down you can see what the die layout and labels should look like.

Download a DXF to view it in AutoCAD.


for you IC designers here is the die in GDSII format.



What's in a AIF File
Describes the basic sections of the AIF file and their syntax.
  Creating an AIF file with Excel
Describes how to create an AIF file using MS Excel.
  Creating an AIF from GDSII
Describes the program, SmartDie, used to read, scan and convert a pad ring layer into AIF.
Sample AIF Files
Shows simple and complex AIF files and their associated layout.
  Common Errors
Describes the most common errors made when creating an AIF File.
  Multi Die AIF
A special version of AIF II designed to contain multiple die (MCM)
Amkor Adopts AIF Format
Amkor Technology, the world's largest contract assembler has adopted AIF as its preferred format for exchanging die data ...
  Read AIF into Cadence APD
You can read an AIF file directly into Cadence APD with this SKILL program. All intelligence is transferred.
  Wire Attach Offset
describes how to support a wire attach point offset in AIF without breaking a proper AIF reader ...
Importance of Net Names!
An explantion of the value of adding net names to your die pad list ...
  How to Extend AIF
Writing your own AIF tools? How to add your own extensions so that you won't break other's AIF parsers.
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