FA4ST Revision History

FA4ST v2.34/ACSLib v2.91 September 4, 2009

Modeless Dialog Update

Updated some of the modeless dialogs in order to make them compatible with the current library.

SmartWire Module

branched the SmartWire algorithms into two -- one for Wirebond and one for FA4ST. This is due to the fact that some of the routines added to Wirebond were not compatible with the basic behavior of FA4ST.

FA4ST v2.20/ACSLib v1.82

Improved Transfer of PAD Attributes (nets/balls etc...)

  1. Pad Transfer now supports transfer by wire, ratsnest or trace.
  2. FanIn Router now ignores any repopulation - this will not crash the program.
  3. FanIn Router now reads the finger size, for routing around the fingers (previously hardwired).

Fan-In Router Updates

  1. FanIn Router now supports the exclusion of balls by ball number or net name. It uses the same WCMATCH system as Ratsnest.

  2. FA4ST New Project, Import BGA option now does the following when ball assignments (no co-ordinates) are supplied.
    1. Calculates pop, depop and repop from the list of balls and defaults the other values.
    2. Searches for the complete [BGA] section and supersedes values from a) if they exist.
    3. Launches ArrayGen with these values and allows the user to complete/modify them.
    4. After ArrayGen completes, takes ALL net-ball assignments, including ones which do not involve die pads and updates the balls.

The upshot is that upon completion, the user has a complete Die and Bga and can immediately run Net Color or Ratsnest. Secondly, the enhancement to FanIn Router allows immediate drawing of traces, excluding any power or ground nets as needed. Fan-IN does not yet respect the Die-Bga connections but such a function could be added in the future.

FA4ST v2.17/ACSLib v1.78

August 15, 2001

Fan In Module
A new module can be used for fan-in/fan-out assignment of die pads to balls and fingers to balls. The purpose is to assist in die pad ring IO planning.

FA4ST v2.16/ACSLib v1.77

August 2, 2001

Flip Chip Die Generator
A new module called FlipGen is included that generates arrayed die pads across the surface of the die. This is intended for flipchip support. Die pads are numbered using the JEDEC standard.

New RatsNest Generator
The Ratsnest Generator has been updated to make it more useful. First, the use can exclude nets using wildcard matching. (This makes for cleaner rats nest by excluding power and ground nets.). Second, the user can separate the ratsnest onto multiple layers based on the tier that the rat line is attached to. This is commonly used in FlipChip designs where each tier of die pads is routed on a unique layer.

FA4ST v2.14/ACSLib v1.75

There are 3 main new features:

Ball Array Text
All ball attributes are now invisible. Instead, Array Text can be used to choose what gets displayed. The order, height and optional frame labels can be displayed. This module is run in automatic mode during BondGen New Project and FA4ST ArrayGen. It defaults to displaying just the ball number at 25% of the ball height. It can be accessed from the main BondGen and FA4ST menus.

Color by Net
Ball and die pads can now be colored by net. This is accomplished by copying the pad geometry and using this as a solid hatch boundary. Two separate layers (which can be defined in the tech file as BALL_NET and DIE_NET) contain the colors. The appropriate pads can be selected in the interface. The color selection provides 8 possible net definitions (plus an optional default color) and implements the built-in AutoCAD color selector. Net descriptions are per the WCMATCH function, which is described in the AutoCAD help file. This allows great flexibility to build expressions such as:


and other expressions. Net Color is underneath Array Text in both the FA4ST and BondGen menus.

DieGen Rectangular Pads
DieGen now supports the option of rectangular pads. It actually generates two pads (as required by the AIF standard), with the first parameter being the horizontal value on the TOP side. The automatic project option also supports these pads. If necessary, oblong pads could also be added.

FA4ST 2.07 March 26, 2001

Updated the install to detect FA3ST and modified FA3ST function names so that there is no conflict between FA3ST and FA4ST. Previous versions collided due to common function names that were not actually common functions.

FA4ST 2.05 March 21, 2001 [acslib160]

NEW Pad Transfer module (Utilities Menu)
designed to transfer attributes from balls -> fingers -> die or any other combination/direction. For example if you have balls with netname attributes you can transfer these to the fingers or die pads. This can be driven in any direction.

NEW ArrayGen module
Released the arraygen module for creating ball arrays as part of FA4ST.

NEW Ratsnest module
The RATSNEST draws lines from die pads to fingers (or to balls) or from fingers to balls based on attribute matching - net names in most cases.

FA4ST 2.04 March 21, 2001 [acslib159]

Align Bond Fingers with Wires
A new function that aligns the bond fingers with the wires is included. Since the bond fingers are now placed prior to any wires the fingers are only approximately aligned with the wire. Once the wires are attached to the fingers this routine can rotate the fingers so that they line up with the wire.