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Applications Notes

The following applications notes may be useful to those who need to convert EDA data into STEP and import it into simulation or 3D CAD tools. We are assuming that you are using one of Artwork's converters to produce the 3Di file format. The 3Di2STEP program (which can be launched from 3DVU using File | Export) produces STEP output.

SolidWorks Import with Large Extents Fails

June 9, 2016

Users have reported that when attempting to import STEP files (usually in units of microns) that SolidWorks fails and issues a message:

"This model is outside of the 1000m modeling limit"

(see the SW forum thread: forum.solidworks.com/thread/101498)

It is likely that SW Import is unable to properly resize the coordinates from UM (where the values can easily be > 1000) into whatever native units is uses (likely meters.) In order to work around this we now offer in our 3Di2STEP conversion the option to take a UM 3Di file and output it in units of MM.

How to Export STEP for Import into Abaqus

September 17, 2020

The simulation program, Abaqus, has a very annoying approach to importing STEP files -- neither import option for STEP produces what a user would want. Follow this procedure to force it to produce your desired results.