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If you use PADS Power PCB and need to clean up the DXF output before importing it into AutoCAD then BFLAT Pro is for you. It scans a DXF file, displays the layers and lets you click on those you want to keep. BFLAT PRO then writes a new DXF file that contains only entities on your selected layers. It does this in seconds even on enormous DXF files.

No matter how deep the block nesting, BFLATPro will recursively explode the blocks until there are no more in the output file.

You'll load the resulting DXF file into AutoCAD or other programs that read DXF in no time and won't carry around the excess data or layers that slow down your redraws and regens.

Getting Started

To get started just double click on the BFLAT PRO icon and then use the file pulldown to select the DXF file you want to filter.

Layer Selection

Immediately upon loading the file, BFLAT PRO scans it. This takes only seconds. Click on the Layer button to pop open the layer dialog box. You will then be able to select which layers to keep with just a few clicks.

The Select All and Clear All buttons speed up your selection.


Now just hit the Translate button. You'll be prompted for the name of the new, slimmer DXF file. Choose a name and hit OK. BFLAT will explode all the blocks (accounting for scale factor, rotation and mirroring) and create the new file with only entities that are on the layers you selected.


On this page we run through a typical DXF file generated by PADS and show before and after results. The DXF file, cbdem.dxf (courtesy Pads VAR Optimum Design) was created by PADS and filtered through BFLAT to get a much smaller and easier to edit file for documentation.

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