For Immediate Release
July 24, 2000

Agilent Adds Artwork's DXF translator to Advanced Design System V1.5

Agilent's EDA Division (Santa Rosa, CA) and Artwork Conversion Software (Santa Cruz, CA) have entered into an agreement that will add Artwork's bidirectional DXF translator to Agilent's Advanced Design System. The translator will be available with the release of Version 1.5 of ADS.

This new translator will offer full in and out conversion of DXF files generated by AutoCAD (from AutoCAD version 12 through 2000) and virtually every other mechanical design software that imports or exports the widely used DXF file format.

Microwave designers will be able to quickly and easily import the mechanical outlines of parts and packages or can export their RF layouts to mechanical designers. The translator also supports text, dimensioning, unit scaling and layers and blocks. Engineers will access the translator from the ADS layout tool and only need to use a drop down window -- no configuration files need be created or edited.

The DXF translator is a very mature and stable one as it was originally developed in 1989 for Hewlett Packard's EGS mechanical CAD system - Several hundred copies of the software have been in use worldwide since that time.

For more information contact Steve DiBartolomeo, Applications Manager, Artwork Conversion Software, Inc., 417 Ingalls St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 426-6163.