March 4, 1996

Artwork Adding DXF to Allegro Translator

Building on our successful release of Allegro to DXF, Artwork is now preparing ASM 1960, DXF to Allegro. This translator will read AutoCAD's DXF file format and convert it into Allegro's Intermediate Plot File format (IPF). Allegro can then import the IPF data.

Who needs this translator?

Any Allegro user who needs to import data from mechanical drawing packages including: AutoCAD, Microstation, CadKey, CADAM, Pro-Engineer, SRDC and the like. Even general purpose illustration programs export DXF: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Micrographix Designer are a few among many general purpose programs that read/write DXF.

The Allegro designer may need to import DXF in order to pick up connector locations, board outlines or keep-out areas defined in another package. Other potential uses include adding RF or microwave layout information from a different design package to a multifunction board.

How do Allegro users now import DXF?

Good Question! It doesn't appear to be easy or inexpensive. There is an IGES in/out module that can be purchased from Cadence (list price $10K) - however not every mechanical package can read/write IGES at no extra cost - AutoCAD Release 13 requires a separate IGES translator for $1500. There are also lots of incompatibilities between IGES readers and writers - spending 10K on an IGES translator is no guarantee that all (or even any) of your data will get through. It appears that this is an ideal opportunity for a small third party developer to bring in some useful functionality for $995.

Special features of DXF to Allegro

Price and Availability

All versions will sell for $995 per license. On UNIX, a network floating license costs an additional 30%. The translator should be available at the end of March Check our web page or send mail to To encourage the use of the WEB we are pricing as follows:

DXF to Allegro (license only)                       $995.00
Media (choice of diskette, 1/4 tape, DAT or 8 mm)   $ 50.00
Printed Manual                                      $ 50.00

To save $100 download both the executables and the Postscript version of the manual.


Of course. Go to our WEB page and bring up the DXF2ALL data sheet. At the bottom of the datasheet are links to the various executables and manuals. Download what you want and send us an email requesting a eval. We'll need your hostid/hostname on UNIX and email you activation codes for a 2 week test.


Once we've completed readers and writers for Allegro IPF we'll be able to offer translators to any of our other databases: GDSII, IGES, Gerber, EGS, ME-10 well as support for plotting to laserjets, Postscript devices and electrostatics from Calcomp, Versatec and raster graphics...If you need additional connectivity to or from Allegro please contact us.

Legal Stuff
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