For Immediate Release
December 10, 1997
Santa Cruz, CA

Artwork Ports HP2DXF to Windows 95/NT
Artwork Conversion has ported our popular HP2DXF program to Windows 95 and NT. The Windows version of HP2DXF retains all of the functionality of the DOS and UNIX versions.

People buy our HP2DXF because it has excellent support for the advanced commands found in HPGL/2. There are other translators available including some free ones but they tend to have problems when it comes to supporting encoded draws, text or other advanced features.

The Windows 95/NT version sells for $295 - same as DOS. Holders of DOS licenses can upgrade to Windows for $89.00.

A demo version of hp2dxf for Windows is freely downloadable directly from our WEB site at This version is limited to 1500 HPGL or HPGL/2 commands. You can upgrade it to the full version by registering and paying for the full version and downloading the upgrade patch.

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