NETEX - Netlist Extraction from GDSII Layout

For Immediate Release

June 12, 2001

Santa Cruz, CA - Artwork Conversion Software, a Santa Cruz based developer of IC software utilities, announces the release of NETEX a program that can extract connected nets from a GDSII stream file based on the touching or overlapping of polygons and wires.

NETEX is of interest to chip designers who need to create Spice or other timing models of their device from the GDSII layout data. By collecting specified nets (and also nearby metal areas if requested) the designers can use field analysis tools to derive models for the electrical delay and coupling.

Netex is also useful to failure analysis engineers who are examining a chip and need to know which pieces of metal are connected so that they can probe the desired net.

ic image

According to Steve DiBartolomeo, applications manager for Artwork, NETEX has been optimized to handle extremely large files in a relatively short amount of time - files that previously took 24 hours to extract all nets run through Netex in 2 hours on the same workstation.

The program can be used in two separate fashsions: either as an "engine" called by another program or wrapper or with a built-in GUI using Artwork's GDSII viewing software. Artwork is interested in OEM sales to companies developing parasitic modeling programs and failure analysis software.

NETEX runs on both UNIX (Solaris 2.6/HPUX 10/11) and Windows (NT4/2000). Price ranges from $7500 and up depending on the GUI option and platform.

For more information contact: Steve DiBartolomeo, 831 426-6163. The NETEX data sheet and detailed operational information are posted at