Artwork Releases Major Upgrades to Qckvu3

April 15, 2009

Santa Cruz, CA - Artwork Conversion has joined the Si2 and will offer a family of tools crafted as "plug-ins" for Open Access.

The Open Access database and API is vendor neutral and makes interoperability between EDA applications much more straightforward than previously possible. Many new EDA startups have developed complete applications using OA as the database; it is also possible to write plug-ins for OA that other applications can use.

Open Access Logo

Artwork's initial offerings will be based on existing geometry engines already available for GDSII and OASIS. These include:

Boolean Plug-In

This plug in performs boolean operations including Union, Minus and XOR. It also supports data sizing for both Manhattan and all angle data.

Area Calculator

This plug in returns the metal area/density when provided with a region query.


This plug in rasterizes the data coming from a region query and sends the resulting bitmap to the calling application or to disk. The rasterizer supports very high resolutions and can output uncompressed or compressed bitmaps.

Layout Viewer

This plug-in is a complete layout database viewer with full pan and zoom, cell selection, layer fill, measurement tools and figure ID tools.

For more information about Artwork's Open Access roadmap and products please contact:

Steve DiBartolomeo

Applications Manager

831 426-6163

Steve DiBartolomeo