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New Polygon Toolkit for Mask Makers

Artwork is offering a polygon toolkit that will be of great use to microelectronic designers. The toolkit is extremely flexible and includes input modules for DXF, Gerber and GDSII data formats. The Toolkit includes fundamental functions that can be combined in many ways by the user to adjust mask data as needed. The basic functions include:

  • Boolean OR
  • Boolean AND
  • Boolean XOR
  • Vertex Reduction
  • Size
  • Scale
  • Mirror
  • Rotate
  • Sort by Embedding Level
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Add Frame
  • Clip
  • Step and Repeat
Applications for the Polygon Processor are numerous:
  • Reverse Layers for Pattern Generators.
  • Convert Complex Gerber data into Clean Outlines for routing/cutting.
  • Convert polygons inside of polygons into re-entrant polygons.
  • convert re-entrant polygons into polygons inside of polygons.
  • Prepare data for EM Field Analysis Tools (PMC Turbo, Ansoft, etc...)
  • Compensate polygons for process shrinkage or etch factor.

This tool is not intended for large integrated circuits but should be useful for smaller circuits, MEMs, IC packages, hybrids, optical encoders etc...

The polygon processor will be available on NT/2000, Solaris and HPUX. Price will vary depending on which functions are included but will range from $5000 to $20,000 per license.

Link to QckBool Data Sheet Page