October 2, 1995

New HP2DXF/HP2GBR Supports ACAD13's HPGL2

Artwork Conversion Software has updated our HP2DXF and HP2GBR translators to support important HPGL2 entities that are now used by AutoCAD 13's HPGL2 driver. Until release 13, AutoCAD used a very "dumb" HPGL2 driver - basically only pen-up and pen down commands. Solids were stroke filled and the new Postscript and TrueType fonts were only outlined. The new AutoCAD 13 driver makes use of some of the more powerful HPGL2 commands including filled polygon areas (the PM/FP command.)

Interested Users

We belive that the most interested users will be PC board fabricators and photoplot service bureaus - they are constantly dealing with HPGL2 files generated by AutoCAD and have had serious problems supporting front panel screens created with Postscript and Truetype fonts. The HPGL output from older versions of AutoCAD was very poor - arcs were poorly rendered, file sizes were enormous and filled areas weren't. Artwork's hp2gbr translator maps filled areas in HPGL2 to closed areas that can be filled by either Gerber's G36/G37 command or the FIRE 9000's POEX command.

For detailed information see the following datasheets:



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