New Program for MEMs Designers: STL2GDS

For Immediate Release

Jan 25, 2005

Santa Cruz, CA - Artwork Conversion has developed a new program called STL2GDS for creating GDSII stream data from STL files (sterolithography)

MEMs designer often work with 3D modeling software such as SolidWorks. Once their 3D design is complete they need to produce one or more 2D masks so that the standard IC lithography processes can be used to produce the device. But getting from 3D to the GDSII stream data used in the IC mask industry has been problematic until recently.

Artwork's new STL2GDS converter uses a 3D industry standard format, STL, originally developed to drive rapid prototyping machines. Every major 3D CAD tool can write a STL file.

The STL2GDS converter works by "slicing" the STL file horizontally at a coordinate specified by the MEMs designer. The contours produced by this slice are then linked and converted into GDSII stream data.

The GDSII data can be sent directly to a mask shop or can be imported by IC layout tools (such as Cadence Virtuoso) for integration with the digital or analog circuitry surrounding the MEMs device.


STL2GDS runs on Windows NT/2000/XP computers. For details on program operation, pricing and download links visit the STL2GDS WEB page

Steve DiBartolomeo
Applications Manager