March 1, 1998

Santa Cruz, CA

Artwork Integrates GDSPLOT into Tanner's L-Edit.

Artwork Conversion has integrated GDSPLOT, its GDSII plotting software, directly into Tanner EDA's L-EDIT layout tool. Designers using L-EDIT can plot directly from within L-Edit.

The integration was made possible by L-Edit's new UPI - User Programmable Interface. L-Edit 7.0 enables the designer or a third party developer such as Artwork to add functionality directly to L-Edit - Artwork wrote the entire interface in Microsoft's C++.

A single click on the PLOT macro opens a dialog box enabling the user to define his plot. The UPI integration extract all of the information required for printing either directly from within the L-Edit database or from user supplied instructions.

L-Edit designers can get large, high resolution color plots of their entire chip from a variety of inkjet plotters including those built by HP, Calcomp, Encad and Tektronix.

Only a couple of years ago this same plotting capability cost over $20,000 for software and $50,000 for an electrostatic plotter. Today the software and the plotter combined cost $8,000 or less. The combination of low cost software, fast PCs and wide format inkjets enables small workgroups to do plotting locally rather than pay outside services for plots or submit plots to a centralized server.

Ordering Information

The PLOT UPI sells for $1995 for single user license or $2595 for a network floating license. Recommended setup is Windows NT 4.0 on a 64 Mbyte Pentium class machine although the software will run on Windows 95 on a 32 Mbyte machine.

The PLOT UPI can be ordered directly from Tanner EDA. However customers who already own a GDSPLOT license from Artwork Conversion can contact Artwork to order an L-Edit integration upgrade for $395.

More Info

Artwork's WEB page contains detailed information about the L-Edit integration and the capabilities of the GDSII plotting software. You can link to for more details.

Contact Information

Artwork Conversion Software
Steve DiBartolomeo
Applications Manager
(831) 426-6163
Tanner EDA
Jim Lindauer
Director of Sales & Marketing
(626) 792-3000

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