Artwork Releases TIFF to MEBES Converter

For Immediate Release

August 15, 2002

Santa Cruz, CA - Artwork Conversion has released a direct TIFF to MEBES converter, that can be used to convert raster data into MEBES for producing very high resolution masks.

MEBES is the database that drives electron beam mask writers manufactured by ETEC (now an Applied Materials company) and which is responsible for 95% of all IC masks produced worldwide. The same equipment that produces these masks can be used for other applications such as long term archiving of data and optical filters.

For applications where the "source" data originates from a scan or if the nature of the mask is pixel based a converter is needed to get this data into MEBES format. Doing so is complicated by the nature of the MEBES database and the fact that very large data files can be generated.


    Reads TIFF - TIFF is a very standard format for bitmap data. The converter reads TIFF-B (i.e. monochrome) and converts each pixel in tiff into a tiny square in MEBES.

    Fast - the direct conversion to MEBES is extremely fast and avoids intermediate steps such as converting to GDSII or CIF.

    Compact - TIFF2MEBES compresses the MEBES file by combining adjacent "pixels"

    Configurable - TIFF2MEBES allows the user to set the MEBES grid size and the "pixel" size. It runs in batch mode and can be used to translate many files at a time without user intervention.

    Multi-Platform - TIFF2MEBES is available on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

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