June 24, 2013


Artwork Releases Very Large Bitmap Viewer

Santa Cruz, CA - Artwork Conversion announces the release of our Very Large Bitmap Viewer (VLBV).

This is a specialized tool for those who work with large monochrome bitmap files -- typically in the laser imaging, mask writing and inspection industry.

We developed this viewer initially as an in-house tool to test and debug our rasterizer product line. We then found that many of our customers and OEM partners would like to have the same tool for the same reasons.


  • Reads TIF, BMP and RAW monochrome bitmaps

  • Handles TIF/RAW bitmaps up to 100 GB in size

  • Supports BMP monochrome up to 4 GB in size

  • Allows overlay of up to 3 files for comparison purposes

  • User defined color and transparency when overlaying files

  • Extract small windows to a new bitmap

  • Measure distance in both pixel units and physical units


Windows 7 or 8 64 bit

Recommended Hardware

    Fast CPU such as Intel's i5 or i7. (multiple cores not used)

    8 GB to 64 GB of RAM

    250 GB SSD

For detailed specifications and pricing please refer to Artwork's WEB page:

Very Large Bitmap Viewer


Steve DiBartolomeo
Applications Manager
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