Year 2000 Compliance Information

Last Revised May 1, 1998 - - - - - - - - - List of Compliant Programs

Q. What is the status of Artwork's programs with respect to the year 2000 date problem?

    A. We are aware that our network license manager does not support a license expiration date past 1999. Node locking does work past the year 2000; the node lock routine works until 4299.

    Since our programs are essentially CAD translators or viewers there is little use or manipulation of dates; therefore we don't have many lines of date related code to analyze or repair.

Q. When can you certify that your programs are year 2000 compliant?

    A. We'll be incorporating a newer version of the license manager between now and the end of 1998 and at the same time test other aspects of Y2K compliance. A list of our programs that have been made Y2K compatible can be reached from here.

Q. How will I be able to get a Y2K compliant version of my licensed software?

    A. If your software maintenance contract is current at the time you want to get the new revision then the best way is to visit our WEB server at and to navigate to your program's page. There will be download links that enable you to get the version. Then send an email to us and we will send you activation codes.

    Also on our WEB page is a program revision history page for each product. When that product is made Y2K compatible it will be noted on this page.

    If you have no Internet access you should call Artwork and arrange for a CD or a tape

    We will not be sending out new software automatically.

    If your software maintenance has expired you should contact our customer service department, get a quote and issue a PO for support. Then you will be able to get the Y2K compliant version.

Q. I have some really old DOS software of yours. Will it work after the year 2000?

    A. Probably. There is no license manager for DOS programs; DOS software was locked to a hardware key.

    You can easily test it yourself by setting your PC's date past the year 2000 and running the program. However we have no plans to fix any Y2D problems that arise in our DOS software because we stopped all DOS development in 1996.

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