flexlm v11.11 upgrade

April 4, 2013
Steve DiBartolomeo
Antonio Morawski

Artwork has been shipping and building our software using flexlm v11.3 for quite some time now. However we are upgrading to v11.11 on Linux and Solaris in order to address a couple of issues that have become more important to our customers.

    a) the rise of servers with multiple ethernet adaptors

    b) the increase in virtual machine use

Limitations to v11.3?

    a) v11.3 only was able to use the hostid associated with a single ethernet adaptor - the one labeled eth0. If a computer had multiple ethernet addresses, they would be generally be labeled eth0, eth1, eth2 and so on. It is possible that a machine is configured so that there is no eth0, in which case flexlm v11.3 would not work at all.

    b) v11.3 also did not work with hostid's assigned to virtual machines.

v11.11 does not suffer from these issues.

Limitations to v11.11 - LSB 3.0 or Higher

The downside is that v11.11 lmgrd/daemon will not work on older operating systems. That is because v11.11 requires Linux Standard Base (LSB) 3.0 or better. For example, our machines at Artwork that run RHEL4 do not meet this requirement.

How Can I Determine my LSB Platform Version?

There's an app for that. Sorry, I mean there is a command for that: lsb_release. Just type it on your box and see what get's returned. Here is an example from one of Artwork's older (RHEL4) computers:

$lsb_release [enter]

LSB Version:   1.3
Here is the results from a RHEL5 machine:
$lsb_release [enter]

LSB Version:   :core-3.1-amd64:core-3.1-ia32:core-3.1-noarch:graphics-3.1-amd64:graphics-3.1-ia32:graphics-3.1-noarch

The RHEL4 machine has version 1.3 which is not compatible with v11.11; the RHEL5 machine has version 3.1 which is compatible.

Do I have to use v11.11 if my server has multiple ethernet adapators?

No, not necessarily. If your server has one adaptor assigned as eth0 then v11.3 can pick up the hostid associated with eth0, we can generate licenses for that hostid and everybody is happy.

v11.11 Upgrade Only on Server Side

The upgrade to v11.11 only affects the server that runs lmgrd and the artwork daemon. The client programs (i.e. Artwork's applications) are not affected and we don't have to change or upgrade any of our application software programs to work with v11.11.

Both Available

Artwork will continue to make both v11.3 and v11.11 versions available for the forseeable future.


To download you must obtain the ftp login and password. We only provide this for Artwork's customers. The tarball contains three executables:

    lmgrd - the flexlm license manager

    artwork - the artwork daemon

    lmutil - utility for starting/stopping license manager and for querying the license manager

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