Download and Install Flexera ID-9 Key Drivers for Windows

Updated 08-27-2021

If you are using Flexera ID-9 dongles to act as the ID for a floating license manager, or to lock software to the dongle, you will need to insure that the proper Windows drivers are installed. Otherwise the USB dongle will not be recognized and you will be unable to obtain a license.

What is a Flexera ID-9 Dongle?

A dongle is a serialized hardware key attached to a USB port on a computer. The dongle is used to limit or lock software access to whomever has the dongle attached to their computer system through the associated license file.

image of Flexera USB ID-9 Dongle

Driver Download
Flexera Dongle Drivers v8.13 28 MB
Flexera Dongle FAQ
Flexera Dongle FAQ - PDF 110KB

Install Instructions

Unzip the downloaded driver file,, into a (temporary) directory.

The following files will be extracted to your temporary directory:

unzip install files into a temporary directory

Install the Drivers

Right click on the file Install.bat and select the option: Run as Administrator;

right click on install.bat and select 'Run as Administrator'

the batch file will:

Now right click on the file HASPUserSetup.exe and select the option: Run as Administrator:

right click on HASPUserSetup.exe and select 'Run as Administrator'

An installer (from Gemalto) will start up. Agree to the license terms and answer the prompts.

Installer for the flex USB dongle (from Gemalto)

At the end of the installation you should see a screen line this: Final Screen of flex9 USB driver installation; Click Finish to Exit installer.

You may now erase the temporary files that you unzipped to perform this driver installation.

Testing the Driver Installation

To verify that the driver is working correctly, insert a Flexera ID 9 dongle into any USB port. Then start up the FLEXLM_Tools utility and go to the System Settings tab.

The lmtools system tab should show the serial number of the flex9 USB dongle. If it is not present, then the driver has not been installed correctly.

You should see in the box labeled "FLEXID" a serial number such as 9-3e7dbefe which indicates the key number for this USB dongle. Your license codes will be based on this serial number. This means if you move this USB dongle to another machine (and install the drivers, of course) you will also be able to move the software to the new machine.