Remote Installation Problem with Node Locked Applications

July 13, 2018

A sysadmin reported to Artwork that his attempt to install one of our programs remotely failed repeatedly. That is, he remote logged into one of his team's computers and ran the install executable. All went well until the final licensing step. The sysadmin selected Node Locked license and pasted in the license codes. The installer reported:

Feature Not Found

instead of the expected - Installation Successful.


When the installation program attempts to verify that the license codes that were entered are correct and valid, it uses the same license library that our applications do when they start up.

Our licensing policy does not allow node locked programs to be remotely executed.

So when the installer attempts to use the license codes that were just typed or pasted in, the licensing library does not produce a successful return code; Instead it returns a code that the installer interprets as: Feature Not Found.

This message is not really clear as to what the problem is and a user might assume that the license codes were invalid. That is not the case. To verify that the license codes are valid, it is necessary to execute the program from the console of the machine where the sofware is installed.

In future releases of our installation software, we will change the message from Feature not Found, to something the describes the situation more precisely.