Network Floating License Terms and Conditions

Q.What is a Network Floating License?

A. A network floating license is a license to execute one of Artwork's programs on any workstation attached to the local network. This enables a group of engineers to share the use of a program. Network licenses are counted in terms of concurrent users. If a department owns a single network license then only one user can execute the program. Other users who attempt to execute the program while a copy is currently running will be denied.

Generally speaking, each instance is counted even if the additional instances are running on the same CPU.

Q. Does a single license support different Operating Systems?

A. A single license server can support execution of an application on a different OS's since the licensing uses communication via TCP/IP sockets that are OS independent.

Q. Can I share a single license across facilities in different cities or buildings?

A. No. We define a LAN network license to cover a department or a building. If you need to use the software in different cities or countries, you should purchase a WAN license.

Q. If I have multiple floating licenses of a single program do I need to keep all of them under support?

A. Yes, you cannot choose to update only 2 copies if you have 5 licenses. However if you wish to keep older copies running we can arrange keycodes that enable you to run a mix of older and newer versions of the same program.