Libraries Required to Run on Mandrake&Mandriva Linux

Artwork develops and tests its Linux software on RedHat and Suse because these two Linux operating systems are the ones most commonly used in the EDA industry. That does not mean our applications won't run on other flavors of Linux such as Mandrake&Mandriva. Recently we came across a customer running Mandrake who could not get our apps to run on his machine.

The INSTALL script on Mandrake&Mandriva Linux

First, the INSTALL script would not execute. That proved to be a simple issue.
Our INSTALL script starts with the following commands.

[hagai@asmsc37 mbs2gds]$ head INSTALL

On Mandrake/Mandriva, ksh shell is not used so much as the bash shell, so the first line of the INSTALL script must change from..

openmotif Libraries on Mandrake&Mandriva Linux

After completing the installation, the mbs2tiff software was executed but failed with missing library errors.

[hagai@asmsc37 examples]$ pwd
[hagai@asmsc37 examples]$ ../bin/mbs2tiff
../bin/mbs2tiff.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory
The solution for that was to download openmotif and installing it as root user with the following command:
rpm -i openmotif-2.2.2-14.i386.rpm