Software Support Terms and Conditions

Support Coverage

A support contract covers technical support via phone and email and entitles the user to software upgrades during the validity of the contract. We normally provide support to the person named in the software registration.

Failure to Renew

If you do not renew your software support after it expires you will no longer be able to obtain program updates nor will we test any problem files. You will not be able to purchase additional licenses at a discount.

Late Renewal

If you do not renew your software support contract on time and then wish to renew it at a later date you will be billed for a minimum of one year's support plus for the unsupported time as well.

Platform Changes and New Codes

Users not under support will need to either pay the back support or to purchase a new license.
Users not under support will need to pay a transfer fee of about 40% of the program price if they need new codes for a new computer.

Update Information

Each of Artwork's program's has a dedicated WEB page that shows the current revision and a summary of changes, fixes and enhancements made for each recent revision. Users should check this page occasionally to determine if a revision has been made that affects them.

Downloading Updates

The most recent version of of each program is available for download from our FTP server. Users can download this software. A password is required to unpack the release and this password is sent by email in response to a user's request. Needless to say, this password is only sent to user's with a current support contract.

Contact Information

Hagai Pettel handles all support contracts. You can reach him at:

Tel: (831) 426-6163