Contacting Technical Support

If you have problems running our software, please contact us. We also encourage your suggestions for new features or programs.


The best way to reach us is via email:


You can also call Artwork's office (California) at (831) 426.6163

File Transfers


If your file is less than 5 MB you can easily attach it to your email. Please ZIP it first. Please note that our email system will not accept any emails with attachments (even if zipped) that include .exe, .com, .bat or .dll files in it. You won't even get a bounce.


Files larger than 5 MB can be transferred to us by FTP. Our ftp server's address is:

you will need a login and password to get in. Please contact us for that as it changes from time to time.

Any files you place on our ftp server are also visible (and downloadable) by others who have the login/password. Therefore if have concerns about confidentiality there are a couple of ways to insure it.

    a) zip your data and use a password to encrypt the contents.

    b) Encrypt your data using PGP. Contact Artwork for our PGP public key first.

Google Drive or Dropbox

You can always place your files in your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud folder and send us a link.