Enabling FTP Transfer in Your Browser

Starting in late 2020, web browser developers began disabling FTP (File Transfer Protocol) file downloads by default. Our assumption is that they consider such downloads security risks. Artwork makes all of our software available to customers via FTP so until we change this, our customers still need to use FTP. This article describes how the user can change the browser to allow FTP file downloads.



07/06/2021 - Bad News. With the release of version 90, Firefox has completely removed the FTP file transfer protocol. You will need a stand alone application such as WSFTP or similar to access Artwork's FTP server. Chrome (and Edge) will soon follow no doubt. Artwork will be implementing https download as soon as we can.]

Firefox version 86 and later block FTP by default. If you get a strange dialog box after clicking on an ftp link on one of Artwork's download pages, this is the reason. (Note - it is also possible that your company's firewall may block all FTP traffic. Check with your IT department if you are not sure.)

type into Firefox's address bar: about:config


You will be warned to proceed with caution:


Accept the Risk and Continue.

When presented with the next window, enter into the search box the term "ftp". You will see a number of settings related to ftp file transfers.


We are interested in the parameter network.ftp.enabled. If the value is set to false, then ftp is disabled. We want to change that value from false to true. To change the value from false to true click on the toggle button.

click on the toggle button to change from false to true

After doing this you will see the value is now true.

The flag for network.ftp.enabled is now true.

You can close this window; now you will be able to use ftp to download Artwork's programs.

Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome will attempt to send you to a different application in order to use FTP as you can see below when I try to download Qckvu3 from Artwork's web site:

Chrome's default behavior for FTP transfers

To correct this, first type into the address bar: chrome://flags and you will see the following window:

the chrome://flags window

Now type into the search bar: enable-ftp

You should see the flag for enable-ftp. If it is set to Default or to Disabled, press the label/button and select Enabled.

set the Chrome flag for enable-ftp to Enable.

Now all you need to do is to press the button labeled Relaunch at the bottom of the window. This will restart Chrome and your change will take effect.

Once you have done this, you should be able to download Artwork's software from our web site using Chrome.

successful use of FTP after changing chrome://flag enable-ftp to Enable

Microsoft Edge

Since recent versions of Microsoft Edge are built on Chrome, the instructions for enabling ftp on Edge are exactly the same as those for Chrome. (see above)