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ASM 3500

DXF to GDSII Bi-directional Translator

ASM3500 is a bidirectional translator between AutoCAD's DXF database and Calma's GDSII stream data base used for integrated circuit design. It enables any program capable of generating a valid DXF file to transfer data to any program capable of reading a GDSII file.

ASM 3500 Flow



Error Checking

ASM3500 carefully checks entities in the DXF file and confirms that they are compatible with the GDSII stream definition. If possible, illegal entities are filtered out, for example, zero length segments. If ASM 3500 cannot correct the illegal entity, it discards it and sends a message to the error file describing the problem and coordinate of the offending entity. This ASCII error file can be examined to quickly identify the source of the problem and it's location.

GUI or Command Line

ASM3500 can accept output from the command line: the input data file and an ASCII configuration file. All output is written to two files: the output data file, and an ASCII error file. ACAD2GDS can send "incomplete" boundaries to a user specified error layer so that bad data can be easily isolated.

Supported Platforms

Linux (RHEL5 or later)

Windows 7/10