DXF to Gerber

Convert DXF to Gerber (RS274X) photoplotter code. Includes reverse translator and Gerber viewer.

ASM 2500 Pattern Generator

Fractures DXF format into Mann or Electromask PG data.


Bidirectional translator between DXF and GDSII stream.

BB Pro

Boundary Builder for AutoCAD.


DXF Block flattening/Layer Filtering Utility.

HP2DXF HPGL/HPGL2 to DXF Translator

Converts HP's plot file (HPGL and HPGL/2) to AutoCAD DXF.


A 3D extruder, modeler and viewer for microelectronic packages, silicon, MEMs.


Geometric Processing External Libraries


A 2D Boolean library for use by AutoCAD application developers. Requires that you are able to export the "polygons" to memory; Once in memory they can be operated on by this library. The user then retrieves the results from memory and load into AutoCAD. Requires understanding and use of AutoCAD's APIs.

Arc Recovery Library

A library that "recovers" arcs lost during Boolean operations. This enables a user to perform a Boolean operation such as unionization (Boolean operations don't work directly with arcs) and then "recover" arcs afterwards.

Application Notes

Using AutoCAD for PCB Artwork

Describes the basic drawing rules and setup to successfully create printed circuit board artwork using AutoCAD. Recommended reading before you start drawing.

Mask design for Microfluidic Circuits

How to layout your micro-fluidic circuits in AutoCAD to enable fast and efficient mask writing.