BRD23D Allegro to 3D Automated Batch Converter

Revision History

BRD23D V1.04 02/03/2017

The version of AWROut included with brd23d.exe has been modified so that it can kill the key.exe license module upon exiting. Previous versions were unable to kill key.exe which prevented the license from being checked back into the license manager.

AWROut now includes a new checkbox under the file name panel that will open the output 3Di file in 3DVU. (Must click on OK and not on Apply)

BRD23D V1.02 12/21/2016

Floating License Fix

the AWROut module which runs as a Skill context uses an external executable, key.exe, in order to access the license manager. When Allegro closes, it is supposed to kill the key.exe process which will return the license to the license manager.

Due to a bug in Allegro 16.6, the command to kill the key.exe program fails. The net result is that key.exe does not terminate and the license is not returned to the license server. Cadence determined that this would only be fixed in the 17.0 release.

v1.02 addresses this problem by having the brd23d.exe terminate the key.exe program when it completes; this returns the AWROut license.

BRD23D V1.01 12/19/2016

Initial Release

This is the initial release of BRD23D. It incorporates AWROut v1.50 along with 3Di2STEP v2.0.22 and 3Di2XT v1.0.3.

The following product ID's are needed to completely license BRD23D:
BRD23D   4620  - automation engine
AWROut   4610  - geometry extractor from Allegro
3DiBool  4560  - Boolean engine
3Di2STEP  319  - converter for STEP output
3Di2XT    327  - converter for parasolid output

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