Download ASM 800 for Unix


You can download the latest version of ASM 800 for Unix from this page. Links are provided to the release. You will need also to download (if you don't already have it) unzipping software. We recommend that you use the unzipping software we provide as it supports passwording. (Do not unzip on PC's as filename case is corrupted)


You will need a password to unzip the release - the password can be obtained from Artwork Conversion Software by email or fax. The password protects the unzipping only.

You will also need key strings specific to your machine's hostid to be able to execute the translator.

Sample EMAIL

Dear Steve or Hagai,

I would like to evaluate ASM 800 on HP 700 running HPUX 10.2.
I've picked it off your ftp site. Please send me the unzipping
password. I got the keystrings using the command:

   $ uname -a 

Please send me temporary key strings for:

hostid = 20056789ab    hostname = bogusboy

I need to import mechanical layout from AutoCAD into ADS.   

Thanks much,

John Boy                    
International IC Design               Tel (450) 132-2213
10087 Champion Way,09323              Fax (450) 132-2113
Topeka Kansas  

Files to Download

HPUX    850 Kbyte zipped     [1.07 Mbyte zipped password required]    [609 Kbyte zipped password required]
SOLARIS   [870 Kbyte zipped password required]


To get a temporary keycode for Windows you will need to send us the machine's hostid. See the appnote Getting the Hostid on Windows 95/98/NT.

asm800v611.exe [September 8, 1999 3.4 MBbyte; password required]


This program does not yet have documentation in electronic format.


The release is zipped using a shareware version of unzip that supports passwords. If your version of unzip does not support passwords please download the one available below:

zip_sunos.tar [504K] zip_hp700.tar [368K] zip_solaris.tar [380K]

untar it into your /usr/local/bin or somewhere in your PATH. Once installed in your PATH you can simply use it by typing:

unzip filename

This program is compatible with PKZIP compression used on PCs.

Installing the Software on UNIX

After unzipping you will have the same set of program files that you would have obtained from tape by using the tar command. Look for the script file INSTALL and execute by typing:

$ ./INSTALL [enter]

If this is the first time you are installing ASM 800 we recommend that you get the installation instructions called uinstall.doc, (above) and read them prior to starting.

Installing the Software on Windows

Copy the self extracting .exe file (e.g. asm800v601.exe) to a temporary directory on your hard drive. Double click on it to start it. You will first need to enter the unzipping password. The install will place the program in a directory of your choice. There is also an uninstall if you wish to remove the program. You should need no more than 5-6 MB of disk space.

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