ASM 800 Revision History

This document summarizes enhancements and fixes to ASM 800 EGS2ACAD/DXF2EGS bidirectional translation program. Please consult this page on a regular basis to determine what changes have been made to our programs.

Version 6.85     07/19/2000

Major Release

First release after 5 years. Upgrade to latest installation with support for Flexlm, USB key, and latest versions of AutoCAD and Windows.
Upgrade to latest DXF engine.

Added support for EGS Process file

In the "Configuration" dialog, a user can select whether or not to use this file. When selected, the contents of this file will overwrite the lines preceding the $FILES section in the input EGS file. There is also a check box labeled "EQU Labels to Numbers" When set, The layer names in the process file are filtered to layer numbers to the EGS input..

Added "No XREF" check box for polyline arrowheads.

This "Configuration" dialog control works only when Polyline Arrowheads is "On". If set, it will not XREF l_arrow nor d_arrow.

Version 6.15     05/30/2000


    This setting was being outputted more than once to the configuration file. This has now been fixed.

Version 6.14    10/04/1999

    Units were not displayed correctly in the menu

    Problen displaying units in ADS Mode has now been fixed.

    Increased maximum layer number to 2048

    Number of layers increased to 2048 to support Graffy's EGS layers. Requested by Stan at HP.

Version 6.13    10/1/1999

    Control ADS/EGS syntax reading

    The EGS_RULE configuration control in EGS.CFG is now outputted to control the syntax checking. When ADSMode is set in the "File|Preferences|ADS Mode" menuitem, the reading simulates what ADS will do, otherwise what a native EGS viewer does. For example, in ADS all closed poly lines are assumed to be filled where otherwise they are filled only if the poly line has a flag indicating so.

Version 4.81     4/23/1998


    Fixed DXF2EGS problem with unexpected 999

    Phase Atlantic reported that a DXF file generated by PADS could not be translated to EGS Archive. We determined that this was due to an unexpected 999 (prefix for comment.). The DXF parser has been updated to support this.
    The error message that the old program generated was:

    An error occurred in reading the BLOCK/ASSEMBLY DEFINITIONS.
    The program was unable to locate an item listed
    in the  TABLE  OF  CONTENTS.

Version 4.79     10/07/1996


    EGS2DXF program dropped very small arc (arc length smaller than arc res) incorrectly. Fixed in this version.

Version 4.78     08/15/1996

    Increase layer supported
    EGS2DXF increases supported EGS layer number from 1024 to 2048.
    DXF2EGS increases supported DXF layer number from 256 to 1024.

Version 4.77     03/11/1996

    EGS2DXF change DXF ATTRIB output

    EGS2DXF will output "Verify" flag for DXF ATTRIB entity instead of output "Constant" flag.

Version 4.76     03/04/1996

    EGS2ACAD output ATTRIB and ATTDEF enchancement

    EGS2ACAD will output ATTRIB entity after a DXF INSERT; this will happen when EGS ADD Instance command is found. EGS2ACAD will output ATTDEF in other cases.

Version 4.75     03/01/1996


    When EGS2ACAD encounters ASSOC text in EGS, it will output ATTDEF in the DXF BLOCK, or ATTRIB after the DXF INSERT entities.

      --------  ----------  -------
      02/20/96  v4.74       Add LINESTYLE keyword to EGS.CFG; the keyword maps
                            EGS linetype (1-8) to a custom string in DXF output
                            e.g.    1   CONTINUOUS   ;  maps type 1 to CONTINUOUS
      01/11/96  v4.73       Native language support in EGS2DXF for target language
                            added. Make use of the EGS.CFG keyword LANG.
      01/09/96  v4.72       Add "\\" char map flag; it would generate \U+0XXX
                            unicode output (R13 output only)
                            Filtered text was corrupting the original text
                            in DB
      01/05/96  v4.71       Update to 1996
                            Use 6 sign. digit in hatch lines
                            Allow 6 sign. digit in hatch space value
      12/18/95  v4.70       Jumps from v4.60
                            Update max egs layer from 256 to 1024
                            When given Hatch width == 0, reguardless the 
                            hatching style, egs.cfg SHATCHWIDTH parameter is
      11/21/95  v4.60       Jumps from v4.56
                            Add CHARMAP in cfg file; add the character mapping
                            operation in TEXT/NOTE handling
      10/25/95  v4.56       When ROOTPATH is not defined, the leading '/' of a
                            XREF filename was dropped
      09/27/95  v4.55       When ROOTPATH is '*', only the simple XREF filenames
                            are generated to DXF output
      09/26/95  v4.54       Add PDMODE and PDSIZE keyword in EGS.CFG
      09/26/95  v4.53       d_arrow and l_arrow will not be XREF'ed when -al
                            option is specified
      09/25/95  v4.52       Skip all Zero padding at end-of-file;
                            %%xxx input filter did not compute string length
                            correctly, this cause input crash
                            :AD will generate ATTDEF 
      09/22/95  v4.51       Add xrefChild flag; when ON, child instance is
                            created in case of XREF ON, when OFF, child
                            instance will be blocked
      09/22/95  v4.50       Add reference tree codes to avoid ACAD XRef bug
      09/19/95  v4.50       Jump from EGSGDS 4.47 and EGSDXF 4.01
                            Merge the 2 versions to one
                            Add XREF DXF output support
                            Add 3 EGS config keyword for DXF module
                            1) XREF, 2) SEARCHPATH, 3) ROOTPATH
      04/11/95  v4.47/4.01  Update timestamp to 1995
      11/10/94  v4.46/4.00  EGS2ACAD jumps 3.33 to 4.00
                            Change product number from 800 to 801 & 803
      11/10/94  v4.46/3.33  ACAD INSERT/TEXT scale & angle use full sig. digit
                            PDMODE & PDSIZE output in DXF output
                            Graffy :HS, :HA and :HW flags are recognized, but
                            not acted on
      07/08/94  v4.46/3.32  1st listing...

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