D2G OEM Files

This page describes the files required to run the d2g.exe conversion engine without a GUI. We arrived at this list by first listing the files shipped with ASM 3500 and then listing which fiels are required by the d2g.exe engine.

File            Description                     NEEDED for D2G.EXE

acs.key         license file                    YES
d2g.exe         main d2g engine                 YES
deemb.dll       de-embedding DLL                YES
dxf2xmsg.txt    engine message file             YES
gdxin.dll       Deemb Module                    YES
gdxout.dll      Deemb Module                    YES
pgfont.shx      for d2g text exploding          YES
txt.shx         for d2g text translatiion       YES
flexlm.lic      node lock license file          YES (for node locked) 
a35desrl.hlp    drawing design rule help file   NO
check.exe       old demo licensing              NO
dllkey.dll      edits license file from shell   NO
dxf2gds.exe     GUI for d2g                     NO
dxf2gds.hlp     help for dxf2gds                NO
EXAMPLES        testing directory               NO
fhostchk.dll    Flexlm Host Checker             NO
g2d.exe         Gds2DXF engine                  NO
gds2dxf.exe     Gds2DXF shell                   NO
gds2dxf.hlp     Gds2DXF help                    NO
gdsfont.shx     Gds2DXF font                    NO
gdsout.dll      unused Deemb Module             NO
gdsstrct.s_s    Gds2DXF Shell template          NO
gscan.exe       Gds2Dxf scanning executable     NO
hostinfo.exe    utility for hostid (old)        NO
lhostchk.dll    old lserv utility               NO
llserv.dll      old lserv utility               NO
lmtools.exe     lmtools utility                 NO
lsapiw32.dll    old lserv module                NO
lserv.dll       old license manager             NO
lserv33.dll     old license manager             NO
lserv41.dll     old license manager             NO
lsmon.exe       old license manager             NO
lswhere.exe     old license manager             NO
readkey.doc     old key read utility            NO
readkey.exe     old key read utility            NO
SENTINEL        old key read directory          NO
t_sup.hlp       help for tech support           NO
Uninst.isu      uninstall                       NO
USBreadkey.exe  USB Key reader                  NO
winstall.hlp    windows install help            NO