GDS2ASCII Revision History

Version 1.83 [Windows only] 09-14-2017

Update to instance_finder64.exe Cell Instance Finder Utility

Improved formatting of the output file.

This version also defaults to the precision defined in the input file unless the -prec: command line option is used.

Version 1.82 [Windows only] 09-12-2017

New instance_finder64.exe Cell Finder Tool

A new utility, instance_finder64.exe, (licensed separately) allows the user to export a text file with all the insertion points of a specific cell (or cells) name listed by the user on the command line (or in a file). Supports both a list of cell names or a regular expression.

Version 1.79 05-9-2016

Path Type Support

Adds support for Custom Plus or TYPE 4 PATH (endcap definitions) in GDSII stream for both COMPACT and ACS text dump formats. Support for TYPE 4 Paths had to be added in both GDS2ASCII and ASCII2GDS.

Licensing and Linux Support

This version makes use of FLEX v11.13.1.2 and supports non-eth0 MAC addresses and LINUX 3.X kernels

Version 1.71 06-30-2014

Updates for Installation and OS Support

Upgrade to support up to the latest versions of Windows (32 and 64 bit).

Fixed installation licensing issues.

Version 1.64 08-11-13

LinuxSuse Support

Changed from a statically linked library which did not work with Suse 11 to a dynamically linked library.

This version was tested on:

    Solaris 8 and Solaris 10 (both 64 bit)
    RH E4 32 bit, RH E4 64bit
    RH E5 64 bit
    RH E6 64 bit
    Suse 12.1 64 bit kernel 3.1.X

Version 1.21 02-9-04

Speed improvement

ASCII2GDS's speed was improved by a factor of 2.

Version 1.18 02-19-03

Speed improvement

ASCII2GDS's speed was improved significantly by up to a factor of 2.

Version 1.15 [Linux 7.2 and Solaris] 09-26-02

FLEXlm Licensing

Supports the FLEXlm license manager. Requires lmgrd 8.1 or newer.

Version 1.00 08-15-02

Initial Release

This is the first release of GDS2ASCII on Windows.

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