Replace Die in Margin Region

When creating a redistribution mask, the "die" touching or extending into the "margin" of the wafer are not functional. There are reasons to replace the product die layout with a "dummy" layout - for example, the dummy layout may not include any openings in the UBM layer or solder mask layer since no balls should be attached to such parts.

This function in GDS-SR allows a designer to do this with a simple command.


GDS-SR knows which die touch or lie outside the wafer margin (outlined in blue)

Consider the case when our product die (left) has this RDL pattern. However we want our margin die to use a different design (right) that looks like this:

Product Die RDL Layout
Dummy Die RDL Layout

In order to change all of the "margin" die to a different layout, a new function, "Change Margin Die" is now available as part of the Change Die Menu.

To use this function you must first load your product die. Once a product die has been loaded it is automatically arrayed by GDS-SR and the margin die are computed.


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