GDSPLOT : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Display and Keyboard Configuration (Unix/Linux)

How to redirect the display from the machine it is running on to another machine on the network?

I am seeing "black" buttons on the dialog box instead of what I expect. How can I fix this? 3-9-2000

I am seeing empty layer map menu. How can I fix this? 1-9-2005

Keyboard not responding under Solaris or Linux 8-07-2002

xPreview not working on Solaris 1-21-2010

Print Queue Set Up and Configuration

Installing Jetadmin software on Solaris 2.51 and up ... 5-9-2002

Installing Jetadmin software on RedHat 7.1 ... 5-9-2002

Using the Linux Print Manager to add Plotter Queue. 10-15-2003

How to set the printcap file on Sunos? 5-31-2002

Errors Messages and Problems

HP plotter prints excess blank paper at the end of the plot. 4-19-2007

xgdsplot rasterizer reports "pipe error: child process terminated" during plotting. 8-7-2006

The plot config menu doesn't come up - can't open display error. 6-9-2006

GDSPLOT crashes on Linux RedHat 7.3. 6-2-2004

GDSPLOT UNIX crashes when selecting Setup Plotter. 6-2-2004

HP800 plotter does not plot RTL files. 7-9-2003

GDSPLOT/W fails to send a plot file to a plotter with a long name. 7-9-2003

xgdsplot rasterizer reports "flattening -8999%" during the flattening process... 5-31-2002

Scripts and Batch Files

Script: Using Qckbool and GDSPLOT to create a color plot for each individual layer ... 12-24-2003

How to run XGDSPLOT from a Script (UNIX/Linux)... 5-31-2002

Video on how to run XGDSPLOT from a Script (UNIX/Linux)... 1-11-2011

Running gdsplot from a script generates a solid black plots. 5-31-2002

How to run gdsplot (Windows) from a batch file ... 5-31-2002

General Questions

Color Map file for TSMC 0.18um technology. 3-12-2004

How to run xgdsplot? 4-3-2006

How to run xgdsplot for multiple stripes (big plots)? 4-3-2006

How to run gdsplot Windows? 7-3-2006

What plot formats and plotters does gdsplot support? 5-31-2002

Xerox Xpress Plotter Support

How to install the driver and print Queue for Xerox Xpress plotter.    11-11-2002

Cadence DFII/Virtuoso User Interface

How to set up a technology file in Cadence's Virtuoso

Finding layer purpose pair information in Virtuoso

Plotter Configuration and the igdsplot.cfg File

IGDSPLOT Variable names you can set within Virtuoso

IGDSPLOT doesn't get a license in Flexlm floating mode