GDSPLOT/W converts GDSII files into a raster plot format suitable for large format color or monochrome plotters. The program does the raster computations on the workstation - the plotter's CPU and memory is not used. With a powerful workstation even very large chips can be plotted quickly.

GDSPLOT handles very large files by subdividing the job internally into a series of smaller strips depending on the computer's available RAM memory. Each portion of the page that is plotted is called a "band." The band size is determined by the overall page width and the amount of RAM available to store raster data for that band.





Supported Printers & Plotters

  • HP Design Jet Family
  • HP Desk Jets Family
  • HP Laser Jet Family
  • Calcomp Inkjets
  • Encad
  • Selex
  • OCE
  • Any PostScript Level II Printer/Plotter


Hardware/OS Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 2 GB RAM
  • X86 Class CPU



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