XGDSPLOT converts GDSII data into plot data for large format color or monochrome plotters. All vector to raster computation is done on the workstation - the plotter's CPU and memory is not used. With today's powerful 64 vit workstations even the largest chip layouts can be plotted quickly.


XGDSPLOT handles very large files by subdividing the plot area into a series of smaller stripes depending on the workstation's available RAM. Each portion of the page that is plotted is called a "band." The band size is determined by the overall page width and the amount of RAM available to store raster data for that band.


  • Plots very large GDSII files

  • Fast - uses shared memory, cell replication

  • Supports up to 1024 layers

  • Supports up to 4096 vertices per boundary

  • Lineweight control- 1,2,3,4 pixels thick

  • 300 Standard Fill Patterns

  • Up to 1000 User Defined Fill Patterns

  • Cadence Interface

  • Special Fill Patterns for Contacts and Vias

  • 32 Available Line Types

  • Plot selected structure and layers

  • Plot Window or extents

  • Plots GDSII Text

  • Easy to Use GUI

  • Can be Executed from Script if Desired

  • Wide Range of Supported Plotters

  • Download Revision History Price FAQ