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Artwork's third generation GDSII/OASIS viewer with plug-in architecture for fast and powerful customization ...


Make large color plots of your IC design quickly and easily... Plot directly from Virtuoso with our Cadence Interface


Extract a window(s), layers or cells out of GDSII & OASIS file and preserve the hierarchy.


A powerful library for opening, viewing, editing, tracing nets for GDSII & OASIS. Second generation version runs as an extension under QisMlib.


Library for opening, viewing, editing, fracturing, sizing and rasterizing GDSII and OASIS files. QISMlib is Artwork's second generation multi-threaded version optimized for > 100 GB files. [Replaces the single threaded legacy QISLib.]

QCKBool, QisBool and BoolCompare

Boolean tools for union, xor, extract, cutting and sizing mask data. QckBool is a user executable; and QisBool is a library for OEMs and BoolCompare is our latest high performance XOR engine based on QisLib.

ASM 3500

A bi-directional translator between AutoCAD DXF and the Calma GDSII stream format.


A multi-threaded polygon pattern matching engine.

GDSFILT | Overlay

A utility for reducing large GDSII files by layer or by structure. Or merge multiple GDSII files into a single one or replace cell content ... Overlay: a user friendly merging program for OASIS and GDSII files.

Lightweight DRC

A lightweight DRC specifically designed for RDL, BGA and flipchip layouts ...


Convert 3D STL files (for MEMS) into GDSII for lithography ...

ASM 600

A bi-directional translator between GDSII and Gerber. Ideal for creating artwork that can be run on photo plotters. [Legacy Product]


A step and repeat tool ideal optimized wafer level stepping - ideal for bump masks, MEMs, wafer scale packaging ...


Extract nets from a GDSII/OASIS file. Ideal for failure analysis, field simulation and other applications where you need to reconstruct the net from physical touching or overlapping.


computes extents of cells and their placements ...


A bi-directional translator between GDSII and ASCII.


High Resolution GDSII and OASIS Rasterizer for Mask Writing and Inspection ... Multi-threaded shared object for OEM's

Area Fill

Calculate Metal area/density for GDSII layouts. User defined windows, Boolean between layers ...


Converts OASIS files to GDSII.


High speed GDSII Viewing Software for large, multi-GB GDSII files. [Legacy Product]

GDS2OASIS Fracture

Converts GDSII to fractured OASIS with trapezoids based output.

ASM 2600

Fractures GDSII to pattern generator data for Electromask and Mann machines.

ASM 400/ASM 410

Converts GDSII to IGES. and IGES to GDSII respectively. [Legacy Product]

GBR2OASIS Fracture

Converts Gerber to fractured OASIS with trapezoids based output.


Converts OASIS MALY Job Deck to TIFF. Supports the SEMI P45 specification.

Reads/Displays ASML Stepper Control File ...
GDS Compact

A tool for removing duplicate polygons without smashing the hierarchy ...


A simple utility to change units or to transform (mirror, rotate, move, scale) GDSII files.


Command line engine that scans GDSII or OASIS and outputs an ascii file containing information about the layers, cell list, top level cells and cell hierarchy.


CIF to GDSII Translator.


CIF to DXF Translator.


Converts GDSII/OASIS hierarchical files to Gerber with a external CSV file containing placement information of repeated cells.


MEBES Related Products


Converts MEBES (with or w/o jobdeck) to a high resolution TIFF bitmap. Ideal for applications such as wafer inspection/FIB where CAD data is used to compare to camera images ...


High speed MEBES Viewing Software for large, multi-GB MEBES files. Supports formats I through V as well as job deck.

MEBES Job Deck Builder

A program for generating a MEBES Job deck that arrays a large number of cells on a wafer. It uses the input file name to position the cell in the array.


Converts a monochrome & RGB TIFF or BMP into MEBES or GDSII Stream. Applications include optical gradient filters, archival data, logo conversion for placement on chips ...

Application Notes

Converting Bitmaps to GDSII

Describes how a high resolution bitmap can be converted to GDSII or MEBES for making masks. Each pixel is converted into a "square" boundary (or trapezoid); then adjacent "squares" can be unionized to reduce the file size.

Bitmap and Clip Extraction for Very Large Files

Part I: An estimate of bitmap and clip extraction rates for extremely large layout files. Part II - Speed up with a multi-threaded GDSII exploder ...

All About Calma's GDSII Stream File

A detailed description of Calma's stream file format including records, hierarchy, geometric entities and organization ...

Polygon De-Embedding

Describes how the new ASM 3500 polygon de-embedding function works and saves lots of editing time ...

Random Mesh Pattern Synthesizer

Describes a specialized program used to create RF shielding mesh where the pattern is randomized to avoid resonance ...