NETEXMGR Command Line

While most controls and directives for NETEX are located in the configuration file, there are a few command line switches that also may be set.

top view of flip chip (bump pads in black)

Basic Command Line Syntax

For an GDSII database called mychip.gds with a top level structure called "top", we first create the technology and configuration files called "" and "mychip.cfg" respectively. (you can use any names you like, of course.) Then we would launch the program using a command line like the one shown below:

NETEX command line syntax

mychip.gds   the input GDSII file (you can use a fully qualified path
             name here when appropriate)

top          the structure to process - normally this is the top
             level structure of the chip but need not be so.

-t file      name of the technology file to use. Again a fully qualified
             path name should be used

-c file      name of the configuration file to use.

Additional and Advanced Command Line Arguments

NETEX has quite a few command line options. Rather that fill up this page with options not germane to this particular application, you can read about them by linking to this page ... The NETEXMGR Command Line

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