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Downloading Polysearch

You can download Polysearch from the links on this page.

Requesting Password and License Strings

Prior to downloading Polysearch you should contact Artwork and request the following information:

  • FTP server login and password
  • Program installation password
  • Program license file

In order for us to generate a license file you need to provide us your machine's ID. You should also provide your full contact information including telephone, company name and a short description of the application you are trying to implement where this software would be useful.


On Windows this is best done using the v8_lmtools.zip utility and running it on your computer. Use the system settings tab and copy the Ethernet address that it displays. See below:

screen shot of LMTOOLS (System Settings Tab)


On Linux one should use the utility lmhostid.tar because simply typing the command hostid does not necessarily return the same machine ID as the utility does.

Windows 64

polysearch.win64.v101.exe v1.01 02/28/2017 22.5 MB

Linux 64

polysearch64.linux.v101.tar v1.01 02/28/2017 13.6 MB

Plug-in for Qckvu3 (Linux)

polysearch64.qckvu3.plugin.linux.v101.tar v1.01 02/28/2017 8.8 MB

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