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Smart Die Plug In Installation

The Smart die plug in on Linux is provided as a tarball containing the required program, support files and installation script. The general assumption is that you have already installed Qckvu3. If not, please install and license Qckvu3 first.


Untar the file into a temporary directory.
$ mkdir tmpdir
$ cd tmpdir
$ cp smartdie.linux.v100.tar .
$ tar xvf geometrywalker.linux.v100.tar

The following will be unpacked:


Before starting the install script, make sure you have the license strings needed to execute the plug-in. If your Qckvu3 is installed with node locked licensing then the strings can be entered as needed during the install.

However if Qckvu3 has been installed with a floating network license, you should send the geometry walker strings to your system administrator who can add them to the flexlm license file and re-read the license file.

Start the Install Script and Enter Password

 ./INSTALL [enter]
  Install Smart Die version 1.00? (y/n)y [enter]

The script will unpack the program files and supporting files once you have entered the installation password:

Unzipping program files into the bin directory...

Archive:  ../zipimage/
[../zipimage/] README password: ****** [enter]

extracting: README                  
  inflating: demo8.gds.gz            
 extracting: demo8_sliver.gds.gz     
   creating: help/
 extracting: help/contents.htm       
 extracting: help/geowalkplugin_dialog.htm  
   creating: help/image/
  inflating: liseater                
 extracting: version.txt           
Where to Install

The plug-in is installed under Qckvu3's binary directory. Let's say that Qckvu3 is installed in home/cad/qkcvu3

then the plugin is located in


If qckvu3's binary directory is already in your path then the install script will identify it and give you the option to select it. If the binary directory is not in the path, you will have to type it in.

The following target directories have been found for installation:

Enter Qckvu3's executable path where SmartDie will be installed:
/home/cad/qckvu3/bin [enter]

Install Smartdie in /home/cad/qckvu3/bin? (y/n)y [enter]
Successfully installed SmartDie examples in:

You will then get a licensing prompt:

For new install, you need to install keycodes to activate GeometryWalker.
For upgrade, you do not need to reinstall keycodes.

Install keycodes? (y/n)n [enter] <-- if you have floating license.

Smart Die Installation Finished
SmartDie Install - [PASSED] SamrtDie v1.00
Keycodes Install - [Not Performed]

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