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Smart Die Plug In Installation for Windows

The Smart die plug in on Windows is delivered as a zip file. It is only necessary to unzip the contents into a suitable directory, add the license codes to Qckvu3 and start using it.

Create The Directory for Smart Die Plug In

Find where you installed Qckvu3 and open that directory. Create a folder called Plugins. Open that folder. Create a directory called smartdie.

create the Plugins-SmartDie directory


Use any unzipping tool to unpack the smartdie download into this directory. In this example I am using PKZIP, but any of the unzipping tools should work.

unzip the release into the Plugins\smartdie directory


The license codes for the SmartDie plug in are processed by Qckvu3. This means:

    a) if you have a node locked license you must add the license codes to the flexlm.lic file in the Qkcvu3 directory.

    b) if you have a floating Qckvu3 license you must add the license codes to the license.dat file on the license server and force the license service to re-read the license file.

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