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QisMScript - Scripting Language for QisMLib

A user who wants to test out a flow using QisMLib and its extensions can create and execute a sequence of commands that closely mimic the QisMLib API. The console application called qismscript64.exe interprets the script and converts the commands into the appropriate API calls. This makes it very easy to prototype a data flow, verify it and then implement it.

script flow

A Simple Scanning Script

Scanning a GDSII or OASIS file is almost always the very first step in processing. Here is a sample script implemented in a few lines.

# this is the contents of sample.script                  comment
lib.load_file &filedb=FDB input=C:/data/demo5.gds    loads the GDSII file
file.print_cells $filedb=FDB extents                      prints list of cells and their extents
file.print_top_cells $filedb=FDB                            prints the top level cell(s)
file.print_layers $filedb=FDB                                prints a list of layers with data
file.print_cell_tree $filedb=FDB                            prints a hierarchy tree
lib.unload_file $filedb=FDB                                   unloads the file (releases memory)

Now to execute the script use qismscript64.exe.

qismscript64.exe +script:sample.script -log:sample.log

Applicability Across All Extension Libraries

For a complete list of the scripting command go to the link Programmer's Cornerwhere we have provided documentation.

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