What's in the Clip Extract Release

Clipextract Version 1.00

After installation one will see the following directories and files:

artwork            directory for binary files and scripts
documentation      directory holding the PDF documentation
examples           directory containing example file(s) and script(s)
INSTALL            INSTALL script
tools              licensing and other misc tools  
zipimage           a directory holding a zip file (encrypted)

Now let's look into each directory of interest

The executable directory: artwork

acs.key                 a license file that is read to determine type of license

clipextract64.exe       the clip extract executable. The various libraries such
                        as QISLIB_MT and QISBOOL are "wrapped" in here.

colfill.pat             a pattern file used for defining line types and fill patterns.

flexlm.lic              license file (only if you installed flexlm node locked)

gdsfont.shx             a font file used for rendering GDSII/OASIS text entities.

key.list                an ascii file showing previously installed keys.

liseater                a licensing utility. Must be present.

version.txt             a text file noting the version (and previous version dates)

The misc tools directory: tools

COMINSTALL              undocumented
flexlm                  directory containing 32 and 64 bit directories.

flexlm.lic.awk          awk file used during license installation.

flexlm.tar.gz           a gzip package with flexlm license manager binaries and utilities.

hostinfo                Artwork's own exec for getting a machine's hostid.

                        $ ./hostinfo

                        To obtain program activation codes ..
                        Please send the following information to:

                        Artwork Conversion Software, Inc.
                        417 Ingalls Street
                        Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5836

                        Phone: +1 831 426 6163
                        Fax  : +1 831 426 2824
                        EMail: info@artwork.com
                        Web  : http://www.artwork.com

                        HOSTID   = (hex)6593b8d6  (dec)1704179926
                        HOSTNAME = asmsc45

                        This does not always return the same value as Flexlm does.
                        lmhostid on the same machine returns:

                        lmhostid - Copyright (c) 1989-2006 Macrovision Europe Ltd. 
                        and/or Macrovision Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
                        The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is "1c6f6593b8d6"

KEYINSTALL              script for installing the license keys.

sysmem                  exec utility that returns the OS information such as hostid,
                        operating system kernel version, platform, physical memory

unzip                   exec that unzips data during the installation. Supports encrypted
                        files unlike some unzip utilities available with the OS.

The Examples directory: examples

demo5.gds              a trivially small GDSII file (972 KB)

extract-gdsii-demo     a small script generating a GDSII clip
extract-tiff-demo      a small script generating a TIFF bitmap

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