QISLib_MT Pricing

QISLIB is an OEM product and pricing is based on quantity of licenses, term and any customization needed. Please contact Artwork's sales department to discuss your requirements.


How QisMLib and Associated Libraries are Licensed

In order to perform the different functions that our customers want to do on GDSII/OASIS files, QisMLib is modular and is tightly integrated with a number of specialized libraries.

QisMLib (11003)

When you order a single instance of QisMLib you will get a license that enables the basic tools to scan and open files, determine the cell names, hierarchy and extents. These operations are single threaded.

    Also Included

    One Exploder license (11027)

    The Exploder extracts vector data (boundaries, paths, text, SREFs, AREFS) for a user defined "view."

    One Draw License (11057)

    The Draw license extracts vector or bitmap data used to drive a display.

Other Libraries

QisMBool (11047)

Performs Boolean Operations such as Union, XOR, AND, MINUS and sizing.

QisMNtrc (11059)

Trace nets by touching/overlapping through the metal stackup.

QisMRaster (14827)

Designed to work with QisMLib to rasterize at high resolution large swaths of a chip or mask layout.

Convenience Functions

These "convenience functions are built using the previous listed libraries. You could build them yourself but Artwork has done a lot of work to insure that these use the libraries in the most effective manner.

ClipExtract (21209)

Extract and clip lots of "small" windows of polygons/bitmaps. You can run as many instances as you license.

QisMLayerSynth (11069)

Performs layer operations within a GDSII file? User need only specify the operations and order of operations.

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